Alliance Sales & Marketing is the first and only provider of independent sales, service and marketing solutions to investment product manufacturers and dealers in Canada. As a strategic partner, Alliance provides its client companies with access to established relationships with dealers and investment advisors as well as access to state-of-the-art sales and marketing ideas and practices.

At Alliance, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations for asset gathering.

Our talented staff has an extraordinary track record of success in raising new assets. Our clients benefit from this ability without incurring the cost of maintaining permanent sales and marketing personnel.  Indeed, our client companies are able to shift sales and marketing activities from the traditional fixed cost model to a model where costs are largely a function of the sales and marketing performance.

At Alliance, we help our clients by handling some, or all, of their investment product sales, service, distribution and marketing needs.

Some client companies want a short term contract that makes it possible to “hit the ground running” with investment product sales in support of a new product launch or with the development of a new channel of distribution.

Others choose our expert consulting services, particularly in the areas of marketing planning, new product development, and sales/distribution strategy.

Our core clients benefit from the expertise, flexibility and worry-free nature of a long term “rent a sales and marketing department” contract with Alliance Sales & Marketing Inc.

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