Under long term and short term contracts, and in its consulting practice, Alliance Sales & Marketing helps its clients with all aspects of the marketing of their investment products and services:

Sales Management & Wholesaling

We gain access to, build awareness with, garner the support of and maintain relationships with dealers and investment advisors. Key activities on our clients’ behalf include:

¨    Channel diagnosis/analysis (analyzing distribution channels for better
¨    Access to established Securities/Mutual Fund Dealer and Investment
Advisor relationships
¨    Develop and maintain new relationships with targeted Dealers
and Investment Advisors (IAs)
¨    Road Shows
¨    Branch Visits
¨    One-on-one meetings
¨    Support IA’s local promotion programs
¨    Regular mailings
¨    Conference calls
¨    Pro-active and reactive telemarketing
¨    Maintain  Sales Force data-base (maximize size and quality,
maintain accuracy)
¨    Dealer Head Office Relationships (keep them informed,
secure their endorsement)
¨    Special attention to top producing IAs
¨    Pursuit of new sales representatives (brokers/planners) at current
¨    Pursuit of new channels of distribution

Product Management

Using “packaged goods style” marketing disciplines, Alliance develops winning marketing strategies and tactics, designs new products to meet investor needs and maximize asset growth potential, co-ordinates all aspects of advertising and promotion and manages public relations activities. Product Management services include:


¨    Preparation of long term (5 year) strategic product line work plans
(including market analyses, assessment of business potential, industry
trends, opportunities and threats)
¨    Design and development of strategies for each element of the
marketing mix (market segmentation/target audience, positioning,
product/features/pricing, sales force, distribution, advertising &
promotion, customer service)
¨    Preparation of annual marketing plan(s) outlining tactical executions
of each marketing strategy ( and including volume forecasts)
¨    Preparation of long term business forecasts and profitability models
with analysis of optional approaches to maximize the asset base


¨    Preparation of annual marketing budgets to finance the execution of the
marketing plan
¨    Monthly reconciliation of spending versus budget (by program) and
re-forecasting as required of fiscal year marketing expenses

New Product Design/Development

¨    Quantitative and qualitative research, including competitive intelligence
and client needs analyses
¨    Business case preparation
¨    Co-ordination of critical ‘components’ (legal, taxation, investment
management, operations, training, advertising agencies, etc.)
¨    Overall project management


¨    Development of brand “promise’ that effectively differentiates the
product line from competitors and communicates the benefit(s)

Advertising and Promotion Program Design, Development and Execution of:

¨    Corporate advertising (creative development, production, media plan
and buy, response handling, measurement)
¨    Annual Report
¨    Unitholder communications (newsletters, etc.)
¨    Point of Sale material (brochures, posters, etc.)
¨    Unitholder and prospective investor seminars
¨    Internet web-site
¨    Sales Force information kit
¨    Research
¨    Trade Shows
¨    Co-op Advertising (with dealers, with IA’s)

Public Relations

¨    Media strategy development and activity planning
¨    Development of message tracks
¨    Media training of corporate spokesperson
¨    Co-ordination of media events

Investor & Dealer Service.

At Alliance Sales & Marketing we collaborate with  other service providers (back office transaction processing, custodians, trustees, etc.) to deliver, on our clients’ behalf, service to investors, investment advisors and dealers that is superior in the investment product industry. Investor & Dealer Service activities include:

¨    Handling account inquiries from unitholders and their investment advisors
¨    Co-ordination of all aspects of shareholder administration
¨    Liaison with back-office processing to resolve transaction errors,
omissions, etc.
¨    Liaison with Dealer back-offices to ensure their needs are met

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