The clients of Alliance Sales & Marketing fall into 5 main categories:

Institutional and Individual High Net Worth Investment Management Companies contract Alliance Sales & Marketing Inc. to handle all of their mutual fund and other retail packaged product sales and marketing needs. These companies represent Alliance Sales & Marketing Inc.’s core clients as they benefit from the ability to essentially ‘rent’ an expert sales and marketing group without having to make the commitment to supervising a permanent, full-time staff. These clients can also, or instead, use Alliance’s consulting services to support their core investment management businesses in the construction of a marketing ‘formula’, methodology and materials to strengthen their ability to succeed in competitions for new accounts. As well, Alliance Sales & Marketing provides a unique wholesaling service to these Investment Counselling firms by building and managing their relationships with Canada’s major Securities Dealers to ensure they are top of mind as a preferred investment management firm for managing portions of these dealers’ proprietary wrap and pooled accounts.

Small and Specialty Investment Product Manufacturers also contract AS&M to handle all of their sales, service, distribution and general marketing needs. Costs are largely variable and these companies benefit greatly from the economies of scale made possible through their relationship with Alliance Sales & Marketing.

Major Mutual Fund Companies are highly successful and expert in the sale and marketing of mutual funds in their own right and yet seek out the strategic planning and project management expertise at Alliance Sales & Marketing. These fund companies benefit from expert attention to a specific product line or channel to remedy a problem situation or capitalize on an opportunity. Accessing AS&M’s consulting practice in this way puts a high level focus on a particular situation without making an expensive long-term staffing commitment.

Banks and Insurance Companies find that outsourcing wholesaling and sales management activities to Alliance is a cost-effective means to successfully penetrate a new distribution channel. As familiarity and success with the new channel develops, some or all of these activities can be smoothly repatriated to in-house groups, with the expert guidance and commitment of Alliance. Banks and Insurance Companies also use Alliance’s consulting services for marketing planning and sales strategy development. These clients also benefit from short term contracts for wholesaling support of new product launches.

Securities and Mutual Fund Dealers use Alliance’s consulting practice the the design and development of new products and services to meet the changing needs of investors and investment advisors. Short term contracts with Alliance to support the launch of a new product or service is a cost-effective means of ensuring its success when the option of staffing up internally is not viable.

Our clients include:

     ¨  Abria Financial Group

     ¨  Bullion Management Services

     ¨  Excel Funds Management Inc.

     ¨  Front Street Capital

     ¨  Royal & SunAlliance Financial

     ¨  Royal Bank Financial Planning

     ¨  VentureLink Capital Corp.

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